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Experience the war to end all wars.


Battlefield 1 is a first-person shooter that allows users to step into the boots of soldiers fighting in World War I. For the release of the game, EA wanted to excite and educate gamers on the deep, nuanced, gameplay they would experience. The website aims to engage players at every stage in their journey.

The Solution

To achieve our goals we designed a marketing site that immersed users in actual game footage with informational overlays. We supported and facilitated the community discussion through the forums and newsletter promotions.

We also created Battlefield Bootcamp which was a hub for tutorials videos hosted by YouTube gaming influencers. The videos showed gamers tips and tricks, strategies, and how-to’s organized into tracks to provide support gamers off all skill levels.

The Results

The site effectively supported Battlefield 1 during a very successful launch that earned the game rave reviews from publishers and the gaming community. After the launch, the site continued to promote new campaigns and exclusive content. The site still receives high traffic to Battlefield Bootcamp, which has become a major destination for players looking to improve their skills in Battlefield.



Designer Involved:
Josh Zak,
as Experience Designer at EA

Interface Design, User Experience

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