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GyPSy Guide's touring apps allow people to enjoy a guided tour experience while remaining totally independent.

The previous version of the app was performing poorly due to dated visuals and clunky UX. We were tasked with redesigning the app to improve user experience and user engagement.

The Solution

We redesigned the GyPSy Guide Mobile app to improve usability and visual appeal. We executed a full design process, including user research, user flows, and prototyping to gain a strong understanding of users looking for touring apps.

We developed a brand new visual style, complete with a custom iconset, that would give the app a look that was unique, fresh, and engaging.

Map legend & ICONS

The Results

The result was a stunning new visual style for the GyPSy Guide Mobile app that is fresh and visually engaging while meeting our key objectives. The redesigned style has been used to inform iterative updates to the app.

"We had an excellent experience working with Turtle. Appreciated the combination of creativity without losing focus on the business goals. They were always responsive and the project ran exactly to the schedule planned. The final product was extremely satisfying."

testimonialpic_jmRick Bulich
Managing Partner,
GyPSy Guide

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