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Re-envisioning the brand that's about empowering collaboration in real life.

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THE Objective

Meetup is the world’s most popular way to bring people together. With over 600,000 monthly meet ups and 32 million members, it's the best way to organize groups.

Following a massive rebrand, Meetup asked Turtle to help them evolve the way their website communicated the companies brand and vision to bring people together in real life.

The Challenge

However, a digital execution that captured the story of empowering in real life (IRL) collaboration had proven difficult in the past. We needed a solution that spoke to both the large-scale impact of Meetup and to the individual stories of Meetups changing lives.

The Solution

The solution we designed aimed to accurately representing the brand narrative, and highlight stories of Meetups changing lives. We conceived a user experience that would rely on the following design targets:

    • Real-Time Visualization. Inspired by Meetup’s Swarm logo, we designed a live visualization of RSVP’s per minute happening on the platform. This concept illuminated the impact in terms of scale but also diversity of Meetups taking place.
    • Authentic Story-Telling. The new design highlighted unique stories of people who’s lives were changed, for the better, through Meetup. We wanted to inspire people to show up and collaborate in real life.
    • Cohesive Design. While Meetup’s new brand guidelines included a vibrant color palette and engaging photography the way in which this brand showed up on the web was still undefined. We took the new brand direction and developed a cohesive set of design components, iconography, and typography styles that could be leveraged across the site.


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The Results

The resulting site design brought Meetups new brand to the web in a big way. Representing the brand values, stories, and providing the organization with a solid set of design components that can be used for future designs.

"Turtle consistently produces extremely high-quality work on time and on budget. I know I can count on them to work with me to find a solution and for that, they will always be my first call."

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Head of Digital Marketing Strategy,


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