2014 World Cup Bracket

Capturing the excitement of the world's favourite sport.


The FIFA World Cup is one the world’s premiere sport tournaments, and with this comes passionate fans, fierce rivalries, bold predictions, and tons of social interaction. While EA’s latest FIFA World Cup game was still in development, EA wanted to leverage the excitement and buzz around the World Cup to draw attention to their upcoming game. EA wanted to create an experience that would draw the attention of fans and gamers alike, and give EA an opportunity to showcase the upcoming FIFA game.

The Challenge

The challenge was to design an experience that would increase email sign-ups and awareness of EA’s games. We would leverage the attention of FIFA fans during the lead up and throughout the World Cup, and capture the immense social interaction and strong community that builds up around the tournament. We would have to do this while still maintaining strong visual design consistency with the FIFA game that was being developed.


The opportunity was to make use of the World Cup to inject EA’s voice into the daily conversation and introduce fans to EA’s new FIFA World Cup game, and its associated brands and gaming properties.

The SolutioN

We aimed to extend the sense of global community through an Interactive Bracket experience that invited fans to join in a friendly competition of skill, knowledge, and a bit of luck. They would compete to win prizes ranging from exclusive digital downloads to signed jerseys and balls. We worked closely with the FIFA brand team to create a unified visual direction between the web experience and the console product.

The key features were:

  • Simple interface. The interface allowed the user to easily make bracket predictions, compete with friends through groups, track earned points, and check global rank.
  • Integrations with EA network. The bracket was integrated with the existing EA Fan Rewards program. Users earned points for correct predictions that could be redeemed for prizes through the EA FIFA Fan Rewards program
  • Participate at any point of the tournament. Users could join into the bracket at any point, or reset if they were knocked out. This allowed eliminated users to re-engage, but incentivized early enrolment to accrue more reward points.

Taking cues from the brand design of World Cup Brazil, we established a progressive digital look and feel for the Interactive Bracket that would resonate equally with fans of the sport and the console gaming products. Adhering to modern best practices for responsive digital design, we crafted a deep visual experience that is highly interactive yet extremely intuitive for fans, despite the technical complexity under the hood.

The foundation of any bracket challenge is competition. This campaign was established to foster competition for both hardcore and casual fans alike by introducing groups and leaderboards. Fans were given the ability to form teams, compete around the globe, or make private groups to play against friends.

The Results

The results of the Interactive Bracket blew EA’s expectations out of the water. We exceeded initial targets on every success metric established at the start of this project. Most notably, we exceeded the target for new user registrations by 10x, signing up 60,000 new users during the course of the World Cup.

Opt-in Results



Designer Involved:
Josh Zak,
as Lead UI Designer at EA

User Experience, Interface Design

Electronic Arts (EA)

Visual Identity

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